Designed for residents all over the Canton of Geneva and

its surroundings including neighboring France, the application primarily targets dog owners as well as pet retailers and canine service providers.

The main objective is to inform and

emancipate the community through experience sharing and knowledge gathering between dog owners.

This informative and intuitive platform focuses on fast and

easy access to dog-relating data.

Re-discover your town

  • Get to know all the dog parks and free leash areas of Geneva.


  •  Visit +1000 restaurants, café and bars where your dog

                will be welcomed.

  •  Get updated on the latest news in the canine community and   meet new friends at events all over town!


  • Connect with your friends and enjoy a good time together

               with your dogs.


  • Get your favorite canine products and services.  


  • Have a peek at our sale items and new product or

              service launches.